risematcha xml-feed https://www.rise-matcha.com Your Rise Matcha https://www.rise-matcha.com/products/rise-matcha?variant=15118847606882 Your Rise Matcha Default Title "The Silkiest Matcha I've Ever Tried" - Amanda Hakiro Organic, natural and ethical. A tea you'll fall in love with. Rich flavours without sweeteners or additives. Gentle to earth without pesticides, chemicals, or land deterioration. Kind to families who are farming your Rise Matcha responsibly.   With Rise Matcha 30g, you’ll enjoy 20 to 30 cups of Rise Matcha. That'd sustain your matcha craving for a month.   Ingredients: 100% Organic matcha from Uji, Japan (Contains caffeine)   Weight: 30 g (1.06 oz) 1666538078306 15118847606882 new 29.98 USD USDin stock http://www.rise-matcha.com/cdn/shop/products/RISE-MATCHA_-_Front_grande.png?v=1551750975 0608473540476 Matcha-P2 0.031 kg