Blog post 2: Making the Healthiest and Most Energy Boosting Matcha is HARD

• Shade Grown for at least 20 days: We Grow The Greatest Green Tea (Yabukita) In 100% Organic Farms In The Richest Soil Area (Uji) In Japan. Shade Growth compared to Direct Sun Growth produces Much more theanine, caffeine and Chlorophyll for your Healthy Boost.

• Finest Hand Picking And Traditional Drying: We hand pick only the finest tea buds, Steam and Dry the leaves.

• Manual de-veining and de-stemming of each leave: Our tea farmers will manually de-vein and de-stem every single leaf called “tencha” . It must be done right to give you the right flavor

• Fine Tea Master Selection:Our finest tea master will then select the best tencha and create the right blend that gives you the richest and smoothiest taste.

• Slow Traditional Stone-grinding: The blend is then slowly grinded with traditional mill stones. It takes up to one hour to grind 30 grams of matcha. It has to be slow in order to keep the aromas and all healthy nutrients intact.

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